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New Trailer For Monster Energy Supercross


How’s Monster Energy Supercross (which releases next month) looking visually? Can developer Milestone S.r.l. successfully translate this real-life sporting event into polygons and textures?

Take a look behind the scenes to find out how they’re doing it. Square-Enix, publisher of the Supercross game, has released this new trailer showing off all the work Milestone has put into it thus far.

Led by Ralph Sheheen, the official voice of Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, the newest developer diary for Monster Energy Supercross showcases the four rules behind the creation of its visuals:

  • Rule 1 – “Get Real”: Innovative tracks and prestigious stadiums are authentically recreated using photogrammetry for maximum realism.
  • Rule 2 – “Face First”: If the tracks and stadiums are real, then the elite athletes must be real too: all riders’ faces are rendered using our 3D scanning system.
  • Rule 3 – “Building Heroes”: An authentic experience is made possible thanks to the realistic presentations of tracks, riders and podiums for a truly immersive Supercross experience.
  • Rule 4 – “Be There”: Advanced techniques, combined with a dynamic 3D menu and astonishing artistic polish, make the gamer feel like a real Monster Energy Supercross champion who is ready to “Enter The Arena.”

Monster Energy Supercross launches February 13 for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC, followed by a Switch version soon afterward.

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