New Secret Discovered Hidden In GTA V


GTA V has been out for several years now and been thoroughly explored. People have hacked into the game’s code and untangled every inch of event data — or so they thought — and it was assumed by now that everything that could have been found had already been. Until today.

A secret phone number has been discovered in the game. If you call 1-999-367-3767, you’ll be connected to something called “Black Cellphones.” After a few seconds, an explosion will be triggered in the sky, and afterward, you’ll have a different cell phone. Why? No one knows why — this is just a thing that happens.

Below is a Kotaku video demonstrating the secret. They speculate that this seemingly pointless trick might be intended as part of a bigger secret — like, for example, using that explosion at the right moment to trigger something else. People are experimenting at the moment, and so can you….see what you can find out.

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