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New Rocket League Map: “Pillars”


The latest maps for Rocket League have used a Tron-like visual style that developer Psyonix refers to as a virtual reality theme. The next one will arrive in June and continue this theme, but more importantly, it’ll put a new twist on the gameplay. “The visual aesthetic for Pillars will continue its tipped hat towards virtual reality, only this time, with a gameplay emphasis on using multiple walls to your advantage,” says Psyonix.

Pillars will contain what its name says — two pillars that divide the arena into three lanes. Psyonix describes how these pillars can be used to perform new shots and tricks: “Banking shots off the tall columns in the middle of the arena makes for some incredible moments and driving up the walls and flying down on the competition feels just right.”

All versions of Rocket League will get Pillars, and you will be able to use the new arena both online and offline. The June update will also add 27 new Quick-Chat phrases.

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