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New Rocket League DLC: Revenge Of The Battle-Cars


Today Psyonix released the trailer for the next addition to their overnight success, Rocket League. It’s called Revenge Of The Battle-Cars. Don’t look too into it; Rocket League isn’t known for story. The title was just picked for sounding cool.

Within the DLC you’ll find two new classic cars, Scarab and Zippy, as well as two new boost effects, 12 car decals, four toppers and three new paint finishes. Here’s Psyonix’s full list, as announced on the Playstation Blog.

  • 2 Classic SARPBC Battle-Cars, Scarab and Zippy
  • 12 New Decals (six for each new car)
  • 3 New Paint Types (Toon Glossy, Toon Matte, Toon Wood)
  • 2 New Wheels (Scarab and Zippy)
  • 2 New Rocket Boosts (Accelerato and Battle-Stars)
  • 4 New Toppers (Cavalier, Locomotive, Pixelated Shades, Shark Fin)
  • 2 New Antennas (Retro Balls from SARPBC)
  • 5 New Trophies

Whether you get the new DLC or not, Rocket League players will still recieve something new: two new variations of existing arenas, Urban Station (Night) and Utopia Coliseum (Dusk). There will also be new music, Community and Country flags, and various tweaks and bug fixes, but the real meat must be paid for.

Revenge Of The Battle-Cars can be yours on October 12 — the DLC will be downloadable on both the PC and the Playstation 4 versions of the game.

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