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New Need For Speed Images Achieve Photorealism


It wasn’t that long ago that a screenshot from a racing game fooled the Nissan corporation so well that they tweeted video game images of their sports cars, believing them to be real. It’s easy to chuckle at their mistake, but it could soon happen to you. Need For Speed developer Ghost Games has revealed four images. Two are real, the other two are rendered from the upcoming game’s Frostbite engine. Can you tell which is which?2909917-2479418915-Qt2s3

Scroll down for the answer.






The fake images are the ones on the left; the ones on the right are real. The only visible giveaway between the two sets is that the sky in the fake pictures is one monochromatic color, which doesn’t occur in real life.

The Need For Speed reboot launches November 3 for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC, though to get graphics that look this good, you will probably need a high-end PC. Console, forget about it.

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