New Mod Brings Batman Into GTA V


Criminal underworld of Las Santos, beware. There’s a new form of justice in town, it means business, and it’s got a sexy car. The superstitious cowardly lot (which includes everybody in the darn game) is quivering in fear over which of them will be next to run into this creature of the night, this unstoppable man of vengeance. Who is this masked vigilante, and why has he never been seen together with local Los Santos lunatic Trevor?

This Batman suit mod was created by a modder named “gnarlybro,” who swears he’s still working on perfecting the ears, but otherwise has successfully brought Batman into the GTA universe. It’s not a complete match — aside from the earlessness, this Batman carries a gun, which any Bat-fanatic will tell you is the ultimate inaccuracy (there’s a good reason why Batman doesn’t like guns very much).

And I wasn’t kidding — it’s Trevor under there.

To give Batman his car, you’ll need a separate mod, this one from “zzenvo”. It’s a texture mod for the Jester2 car that paints it black and emblazons it with Bat-symbols. Have Trevor swipe the car and you’re good to go.

Get the Batman suit by going to this page. Get the Batmobile by going here.

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