New Merfish Video: Batman V Superman


Prolific GTA V satirist Merfish just doesn’t know when to quit. Today he unveiled a recreation of the new trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. If you haven’t seen it, Fish’s version isn’t much different: Superman wrecks Batman’s car and stands on it, then orders him to quit. Batman growls, “TELL ME…DO YOU BLEED? …..YOU WILL.” The takeaway is that Snyder Batman and Snyder Superman are both jerks. They fit into GTA V pretty well.

Strangely, Merfish has only uploaded a side-by-side comparison video for the trailer with the real thing shown on the right. Normally, he uploads a full-screen version without the comparison as well, but…not this time.

There’s more: Merfish uploaded a second parody today. Check out this recreation of the Hey Arnold title sequence, retitled “Hey Trevor!”

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