New GTA V Weekend Event Is Nigh


Freemode Events, GTA V’s next big update, is officially available, and to mark the occasion Rockstar is holding another special Weekend Event full of prizes, in-game cash and discounts.

Freemode Events will come packed with tons of new activities and tasks, and completing five of them by Sunday will net you $50,000 in the game, as well as an exclusive T-shirt. You can then spend that money on a lot of heavily discounted items: sales include 25 percent off vehicles (including the Armored Kuruma, Buzzard, and Annihilator); 50 percent off ammo; 50 percent off the Heavy Sniper, Micro SMG, Carbine Rifle, and Minigun; 50 percent off bulletproof helmets and bulletproof tires; and 50 percent off all phone services from Pegasus and Merryweather (plus Lester’s Remove Wanted Level).

And just for logging in, just for doing nothing but hitting a couple of buttons, you’ll get an item: a free T-shirt, one of the three depicted in the graphic above depending on which day you log on. Log on all three days to get all of ’em.

Keep in mind Rockstar has been forced to mostly abandon the PS3 and 360 versions of GTA V due to running out of memory on those consoles, so this event is exclusive to PS4, XBox One and PC. However, the PS3 and 360 will see an increase this weekend in crate drops, armored trucks, kill targets, and high-priority vehicles.

weekend event

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