New GTA V Update: Executives And Other Criminals


The next free update to Grand Theft Auto V is coming in a few days. Announced by Rockstar today, it’s called “Executives and Other Criminals” and lets players band together and cooperatively establish their own crime syndicate.

The update includes new missions, new customizable apartments, new real estate in Vinewood, new gameplay modes and tons of new prizes, including an unlockable armored limosuine called the Turreted Limo. There’s also now a Super Yacht you can get which can be upgraded to include its own helicopter and a personal detatchable watercraft.

There are also new co-op challenges. The most interesting addition is that you can now hire other players to serve as your bodyguards. They’ll earn a salary for protecting you as well as in-game bonuses. And if they do a poor job, you can fire ’em. One brand-new mode that requires bodyguards to play is Extraction, which challenges a team of bodyguards to seek out, find, and safely rescue an “executive” from a crashed sinking jet before another team can off him.

The update also includes other vehicles and items that weren’t revealed. You’ll have to play the update to find out what they are, which hits the PC and current-gen console versions of GTA V on December 15 (remember, Rockstar’s pretty much done with PS3 and 360).

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