New GTA V Mod Adds Just Cause 2’s Grappling Hook


A new mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V has managed to patch in the grappling hook from Just Cause 2, in the form of a gun that fires one.

Once you have the grappling hook gun, you’ll be able to fire it at any building, vehicle or pedestrian and pull yourself to that distance (or be dragged like a fish by whatever you just hooked). You can fire multiple hooks with the gun and tether a helicopter down one rope at a time. You can also pull out your parachute at any time in midair, creating a new method of transportation similar to what’s featured in Just Cause. The gun even lets you tether objects to EACH OTHER — and boy, is that fun.

As you can see below, the possibilities are endless.

JulioNIB, creator of the mod, is working on refining it so that the hook attaches itself to even more objects in the game. He’s also working on a way to hijack a helicopter while hooking it at the same time. Get the GTA V Grappling Hook Mod here.

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