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New Gameplay Options Coming To Rocket League


According to an announcement from the Playstation Blog, Psyonix’s famous game Rocket League will soon be enhanced with some interesting new gameplay options. Marketed as “Mutations,” they consist of a wide variety of new modes that change one aspect of the basic game: for example, the ball could become a cube, it could bounce higher or become heavier. Different balls will be able to be used and the physics of the court will also become alterable. A new teaser trailer hyping Mutations listed just a few of these alterations:

  • cubic balls
  • demolition
  • moonball
  • beach ball
  • ball bounciness
  • ball max speed
  • ball size
  • ball type
  • ball weight
  • boost amount
  • boost strength
  • gravity
  • match length
  • max score
  • pinball
  • respawn time
  • slo-mo
  • time warp

The teaser is only half of the announcement; more details will be revealed by Psyonix in a live Twitch stream scheduled to broadcast tomorrow. Look for it on their Twitch channel at 2 PM pacific, 5 PM Eastern.

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