Need For Speed

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Is Free Today


Electronic Arts has an online marketplace similar to Steam but with tons more DRM. Because of this, it isn’t popular. EA would like to change this not by removing some of the DRM but by giving away free games to account holders, through a monthly promotion called On The House.

You don’t have to be a regular Origin customer to reap the benefits of On The House — just make a free Origin account and you’re good to go. In the past EA has offered titles like Jade Empire, Plants vs. Zombies and the first Dead Space to Origin account holders. The titles rotate, so you can’t get those anymore. You CAN get Need For Speed: Most Wanted, which is the February offering.

If you don’t have Need For Speed: Most Wanted yet, there’s no better price than free (unless EA ever decides to pay YOU to play it). The only downside is….well, the DRM. It comes from Origin, after all.

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