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Behind every successful racing team, there’s a stressed out manager juggling statistics, spreadsheets and schedules. Now, you can be that guy, with ETX Racing’s new mobile game, NASCAR Manager.

OK, it’s probably not that ulcer inducing. This is a video game, after all. ETX promises their new game will provide the thrill of victory through strategy.

“Winning the Sprint Cup is about so much more than the fastest driver. Strategic decisions about vehicle specs, crew talent, and resource allocation determines who owns the competition in the long run,” said Ed Martin, Executive VP at ETX Racing. “NASCAR Manager captures a different side of motorsport, allowing fans to experience the careful decisions that fuel every season, every race, every lap.”

According to an ETX Racing press release the game is “loaded with electrifying racing sequences, genre-leading HD graphics and a polished interface that makes detailed team and race management fun and easy to learn for all players. Manage lucrative sponsorships, customize and upgrade key auto parts, then put your tactics to the test in Career Mode, Season Mode or Speedweeks Challenges, which combine reflex-timed tasks and team-training exercises.”

It also lets players manage their races in real-time, and features the “2014 roster of teams, sponsors, tracks and drivers, including Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Jimmie Johnson and Danica Patrick, as well as three renowned auto manufacturers – Chevrolet, Toyota and Ford.”

The game is free and out now on iOS, Google Play, Amazon and Sprint Zone

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