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MXGP 3 Races Onto Shelves With High Quality Motorcross Gaming


Earlier this year, Milestone S.r.l. revealed the latest installment of The Official Motorcross Videogame franchise with MXGP 3. After a decent wait, the game is about to hit the United States for its multi-platform release, and this looks like it could be one of the best and most exciting installments for MXGP 3 yet.

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Earlier this year, Milestone to the disappointment of fans revealed that the game’s release date has been delayed. The launch date was pushed back to May 30 overseas and June for the United States. A delay of a highly anticipated game is never fun. However, with the delay, Milestone was able to make a number of technical improvements for the game and promise that MXGP 3 would be a “real turning point for the series.”

The delay meant the developers would give the game an extra layer of polish to the game. That extra layer of polish to the game can sometimes be the most important thing ever for a major game release. Developers in the past have described how that extra layer of polish is usually the last thing to come in for a game, and it usually comes in that last three weeks or so of the game’s development. Where MXGP 3 is concerned, Milestone is promising that this extra polish will make the game that much sharper, better and faster as well. Honestly, a minor delay to produce a better, more polished game isn’t such a bad thing. However, with the delay, the Milestone should have no excuses for any major flaws or bugs that should’ve been caught in the game’s development. If the time is being taken to give the game that extra later of polish or spit shine, it should definitely show in the final product.

For the latest edition of the MXGP franchise, players will have access to a game based on the 2016 MXGP season. This is certainly one of the best looking games ever for the franchise, thanks to a new graphics engine that was completely built using Unreal Engine 4. You can check out some of the amazing new generation graphics for the game below, which help in making this new edition one of the most immersive and realistic looking installments the franchise has ever seen.

The new game also features a lot of other interesting features to make this a very immersive, in-depth motorcross gaming experience. This includes a revamped rider and bike customization mode and numerous other technical enhancements. For starters, players will be able to use over 300 components to customize their vehicle. Gameplay also includes an additional 40 percent more customizable parts than what was available for MXGP 3. Players will also be able to choose from over 75 brands and customize their riders. On top of that, there’s an extra level of customization depth because players can customize not just their rider and bike, but they can create a whole custom team.

After players have created their own rider and bike, they can get started in-game and compete to climb the motorcross rankings. Later on, players have the option of getting invited to join real-life, official Motorcross Championship partners that are available in the game. Or, if players prefer, they opt to stay with the custom team they have assembled themselves. They can also choose from the official race liveries in the game have actually been created by the game developers. These race liveries were in collaboration with the actual sponsors.


Another new amazing in-game feature for MXGP 3 is its new dynamic weather system. This can be seen in the form of unpredictable weather conditions. Players will have to deal with heavy rain, and those can actually affect the outcome of the gameplay in terms of rider visibility. Not only that, the weather actually changes the conditions of the ground of the tracks. This means the ground is very deformable based on weather conditions such as heavy rain. So, the dynamic weather conditions will affect how much mud players face on the race tracks, as well as heavy dust and dynamic land deformations. This is a very intuitive, realistic feature that adds a nice layer of realism to the gameplay.

Besides the new dynamic weather system, the enhanced customization features, revamped sound design, and more, players can also enjoy MXGP 3’s amazing career mode. For the career mode, players will be able to start in the MX2 category to build their Motorcross racing reputation and compete with other riders. As players build their reputations, they can start heading to compete for the MXGP World Championship.

Additionally, the game features official, real-life tracks from the Motorcross world, including the MXoN. Players will be able to enjoy these tracks both in offline and offline modes. In other words, they don’t an internet or WiFi connection to play and enjoy the game. All the official tracks for the game are from the 2016 Motorcross Championship. Tracks in the game include the Monster Energy FIM Motorcross of Nations. In terms of real-life riders, all the MXGP and MX2 2016 riders and competitors have been incorporated.

All in all, this looks like it could be the best, most realistic, immersive and most exciting Motorcross-themed game of all time. MXGP 3, developed by Milestone, hits the shelves on June 20 in the United States. The game will be available as both a digital download and physical disc copies for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC via Steam. The game already launched on May 30 in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and South Africa for the same platforms.


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