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MXGP 3 Finally Arrives on Nintendo Switch Today


Earlier this summer, MXGP 3 game publisher, Milestone, dropped a pretty huge bombshell with the reveal that MXGP 3: The Official Motocross Game would receive a port to the Nintendo Switch console later in 2017. MXGP 3 hits the red hot Nintendo console today.

Players who have always wanted to enjoy the Motocross experience of MXGP 3 on their Nintendo consoles, but have never had the chance, will finally get to enjoy an official Motocross game on the Switch console. Going back to the first MXGP game released in 2014, none of the previous installments were ever released on a Nintendo console. The games were released on the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, PC and even the PlayStation Vita. However, fans have not been able to have access to to the MXGP series on a Nintendo console until now.

The Wii U never even received an official Motocross game release, so this is great news for Motocross fans who also happen to own a Switch and will finally get the chance to experience the thrill of Motocross racing on a Nintendo system. The Wii console only had a Motocross racing game in the form of MX vs. ATV Untamed. That game came out on the Nintendo Wii in 2008. That’s almost 10 years ago. So, it’s been an exceptionally long time that a game like this has been available for Nintendo gamers. It definitely speaks that the Nintendo Switch is getting a lot more attention from third-party publishers and developers than the the Wii and Wii U did, and it definitely appears that Nintendo has done a great job in reaching out to get more titles like this available on the Switch. You can also see it with games such as Bethesda Softworks’ DOOM making the transition to the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, this traction with the Nintendo Switch and third-party publishers and developers will continue over the life of the console.

With MXGP 3, gamers will get the chance to experience all the championships and racers from the 2016 Motocross (MXGP and MX2) racing season. Packed in MXGP 3 will be all the bikes and tracks featured in last year’s season. That includes the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations. The game also includes its own dedicated Career Mode, where players will be able to start from the MX2 category. From there, players will be able to build their racing reputation and compete with the other racers and get on the road in order to earn the Motocross Grand Prix (MXGP) World Championship. The game will have a total of 18 official tracks, which appear to have been painstakingly recreated for in this digital format.


Another bonus for Nintendo Switch players is the highly comprehensive and in-depth customization system for the Motocross bikes and the riders. Players will be able to choose from more than 300 official components and over 75 brands for the bike customization. MXGP 3 features more than 40 percent additional customization options than past editions in the franchise. Additionally, the game will also include 10 two-stroke bike models, all of which will have their own unique physics and audio systems, and these bike models will be usable in any game mode. This is undoubtedly the best customization bike system the MXGP 3 series has received to date, and it appears it will be equally close to perfection on the Switch version. Besides all the bikes and tracks from the 2016 season, players will have access to all the real-life, professional riders who competed in the season as well, including riders from the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of  Nations.

MXGP 3 is quite possibly one of the most realistic and immersive Motocross games to date, and it doesn’t appear there is any loss of graphical parity for the Nintendo Switch version. That is in fact if the reveal trailer for the Switch iteration is any indication. The graphics, which were created with Unreal Engine 4, still look pretty amazing. On top of that, the Switch offers a way for fans to enjoy the series in a whole new way, since they can now play it on the go. Playing the game on the Switch will be like a new and exciting experience by using the Switch’s portable game unit. Even DOOM felt like a brand-new experience playing it in the Switch’s portable gameplay mode. MXGP 3 will likely not be an exception to that rule.

Another one of the best features for MXGP 3 is its dynamic weather system. That simply adds another level to the game’s excellent realism and simulation. Switch players will still have to play with dynamic weather, which will in turn alter the style of racing for the track. The weather changes will influence the gameplay. It should be interesting to see how that affects the overall gameplay style for the Switch when its played in portable mode.

So Motocross fans can now rejoice that one of the best Motocross games ever will soon be playable for Nintendo players. It should be interesting to see where the franchise will go now in terms of popularity, since it managed to receive a Nintendo Switch port. Hopefully, this additional port for the multi-platform release is a good sign. Based on MXGP 3, the franchise seems to definitely be on the rise.

MXGP 3: The Official Motocross Game arrives for the Nintendo Switch on November 17. The game is already currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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