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What makes MXGP Pro worth a spin? What’s in this game that publisher Square Enix and developer Milestone have been polishing for the past year? Quite a bit….MXGP Pro is packed with a bikeload of features including these:

  • All official tracks, bikes, and riders from the 2017 MXGP season.
  • A new Bike Set-Up system, redefined following what Milestone’s developers call the mechanical approach that let players setup each single parameter of their bike based on real values and metrics.
  • A realistic approach to the physics, spectacular movements and a reworked system of grips, collisions and in-air behaviours.
  • More realistic riders’ movements integrated with the bike and affected by the impact on different terrains.
  • A 1 km² Compound, a training area where players can free roam or trigger races against AI and practice on two different tracks, one for Supercross and one for Motocross.
  • Innovative tutorials, a dedicated game mode for those who want to improve the custom rider’s skills focused on the main aspects of the Motocross discipline: air control, scrubs, cornering, riding in the wet, starting and braking.

One of the things that makes MXGP Pro unique is the input from real MXGP pro riders to make the experience as authentic as possible. Tony Cairoli, Tim Gajser and Gautier Paulin all contributed their knowledge to the game’s development.

“Thanks to the exclusive partnership with official MXGP riders,” says Simonotti, “we have been able to receive qualitative feedbacks on areas of improvements towards the whole development process. It has been a unique experience for us to be on track with them and we are proud of the results achieved.”

Watch for MXGP Pro when it arrives July 10 on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.

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