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MotoGP 19 Is Off And Running


Milestone has just launched MotoGP 19 on (most) consoles and the PC! What kind of features can you expect?

For the first time in any game created by Milestone, dedicated servers are part of MotoGP 19. Milestone is partnering with Amazon’s GameLift service to use dedicated servers for online matches, eliminating lag and latency. Michele Caletti, one of the game’s producers, says the results in testing have been impressive: “Bandwidth from the server is virtually removed as an issue, and every player has the same data movement. And the on-track feeling is now incredible!”

MotoGP 19 also has both public and private lobbies for your facing pleasure…browse the public list to find the race that suits you, or create your own and just invite your friends. But that’s not nearly as interesting as the new Race Director Mode, which gives you godlike control over every feature of the track. Set race sessions, decide weather conditions, and assign penalties to naughty drivers. And in the TV Director Mode, you can set up cameras to capture the best footage for livestreaming.

Historical Challenges Mode puts you into some of the most interesting races from the past few decades of real-life MotoGP. You’ll have 50 legendary riders, 34 official bikes and three historical tracks to use (in addition to the 19 tracks from this current season). You can replay famous races from MotoGP history, but whether they have different outcomes is up to you.

Then there’s the neural AI, so fancy it has a name (ANNA, which stands for Artificial Neural Network Agent). ANNA was developed by Orobix, a company specializing in enhanced AI engineering. The other racers, powered by ANNA, will be more challenging than ever…..but if ANNA’s being too harsh on you, there is an adjuster for the difficulty level.

All these things can be yours on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC starting today. The Nintendo Switch version of MotoGP 19 will follow shortly, on June 27.


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