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MotoGP 18 Gameplay Trailer


MotoGP has had two trailers — one for its announcement and another revealing how the game was made….so now there are three? What makes this latest one different?

As we said before, Milestone is committed to making this game as accurate a representation of the real life MotoGP competition as possible….and they went far enough to use drones to digitally scan each track into their computers. As revealed in the earlier “behind the scenes” video, they used a 3D scanning system to digitize the professional MotoGP riders themselves, down to the whiskers on their chins. Now the studio is ready to show off what they created.

There aren’t really a lot of frills in this trailer. No toe-tapping music, no frenetic editing, not even any hype-filled captions. Milestone simply let the game speak for itself.

See what you think. MotoGP 18 will be out for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC on June 7.

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