MotoGP 15 May Have Performance Issues On XBox


Bandai Namco’s motorcycle racer, MotoGP 15, was released for multiple consoles both last and current gen less than two days ago. It would have been lovely for developer Milestone to catch the bug affecting the XBox One version of the game before that point, but that’s not the way things worked out.

“With the latest tests, we noticed that the Xbox One version could be affected with some known bugs,” explained Luisa Bixio, Milestone’s vice president. “For this reason we’re working really hard to bring a patch close to the Day 1 release in order to fix all the possible issues and make the best experience for our players. As always our customer support is completely at players’ disposal in the event of possible issues.”

It’s worth noting that no other version of the game has bugs or performance issues, and that includes Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. Odds are good you own at least one of those other game-playing devices, so if you haven’t purchased MotoGP 15 yet, you have plenty of other, safer options. The game was released June 24.

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