Monster Truck Championship Announced


You’re aware there are two basic types of racing genres….arcade style and sim style, right? When monster trucks are mentioned, what genre comes to mind? Until now, showboating vehicles with giant wheels have been exclusively an arcade thing, but publisher NACON and developer TEYON are about to take a stab at the world’s first sim monster truck game: Monster Truck Championship.

Though you might find it hard to imagine monster truck racing being all that deep, they find ways. If it exists in real life, then it can’t be as easy as the traveling shows make it look. You’ll have eighteen big-wheelers to choose from, customizable down to the smallest detail. Acceleration and top speed are adjustable, as is the suspension, the tire grip and over 50 other elements. Find the combo that works for you!

Once you’ve tweaked your truck to perfection, it’s time to race it. Monster Truck Championship has 25 circuits across the USA , which are playable in freestyle, race, destruction and time attack modes, along with an online mode that supports up to eight players. There will also be a Career Mode where you race to earn money to upgrade your car, with the goal of becoming League Champion.

Monster Truck Championship has a few months to go before it’ll be ready, but you can expect it to crash onto Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC this fall.

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