Modder Releases Awesome New Version of GTA IV Mod, Immediately Takes Modding Break Because of Haters


The latest version of iCEnhancer by Hayssam Keilany, as you can see above, is amazing. With this graphics mod applied, Liberty City has never looked shinier or more realistic.

But apparently some people weren’t satisfied with that, because Keilany has taken a break from modding, citing the negative response he’s gotten from some corners of the internet as a major reason why.

Keilany posted on Facebook:

“So yep, that’s it. At every release it’s the same, since 1.2. People spitting on me, my work, everything I do just because people know me or whatever. that’s always nice -cough-.  I spent days, weeks, months doing 3.0, released it because I thought people would like it and stuff. If you don’t then i’m sorry, but it’s how I like my GTA. I’m going to release the installer and downgrader then i’m done for a while,” he wrote.

“Thanks to the people who supported me and stuff, you guys are cool. No thanks for the guys trying to bring me down constantly. You guys did it after 4 years, I give up on haters,” he continued.

Keilany isn’t out forever, though. In a followup post he says “I never said I’ll stop modding because of some haters. I’m just taking a break that I really need from all of this GTA world a little, while V is here. It’s not users that made me mad last time, it’s ENB community and GTA community, how selfish and hypocrite some of them can be.”

You can find info about downloading the mod on the Facebook page.

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