Modder Recreates Scene From Fast & Furious 6


Did the Ramp Truck from last week remind you of anything? There was a similar scene in the movie Fast & Furious 6, where the film’s villain Owen Shaw used some kind of giant metal wedge attached to the front of his car to ram into police cars, scoop them up and send them flying into the air. Known as the “car-flipping scene,” it’s now been recreated in GTA V.

The stand-ins for the actors hardly look the same, but the sequence is recreated shot-for-shot. GTA may have run into some problems recreating the Arthur and Pokemon title sequences, but it has no problem here.

For those who want to inspect the two scenes, there’s also a comparison video.

Both videos came to us from RunItsAlpha, who has created Fast ans Furious tributes in the past using GTA V. This is another one recreating Paul Walker’s first scene in the original Fast and the Furious:


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