Modder Moves Mario Kart 8 Track Into GTA World


A GTA V modder who goes by MrVicho13 has successfully transplanted one world into another by taking the Yoshi Valley track from Mario Kart 8 and placing it inside Grand Theft Auto V. The textures were ripped by someone else…..MrVicho13 tweaked and optimized them, imported the polygons, and got the track stabilized in another game’s engine.

You can see video below of what it looks like — largely the same, only with bolder shadows. This video was created by DayL.

Unfortunately you can only enjoy this mod solo. Since multiplayer modding is not allowed in GTA V (for reasons of cheating), you can’t play this track with your friends. Just get the actual Mario Kart 8 if that’s what you want to do.

Download the mod here.

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