Mod Turns GTA V Into An RPG


No, not the weapon. This mod turns GTA V into a Role-Playing Game.

Technically you could call every game where you control a character a roleplaying game, but in the popular definition of the word, an RPG involves math-oriented mechanics that had their birth in tabletop excursions such as Dungeons and Dragons. Modder LogicSpawn has added a number of features to GTA V that are common to RPGs, such as ability trees, looting systems and even a relationship mechanic that will let you befriend certain NPCs.

In some cases this mod could be seen as an improvement. If you play GTA V au naturel, you gain abilities at random. You gradually drive better, shoot better or fly better when the game decides you should. In the GTA V RPG, ability and skill trees are applied that let you decide which ability you would rather have enhanced the next time you “level up.”

The RPG version of the game also includes a lot more text on the screen, including XP and loot notifications — a welcome addition. LogicSpawn is working on getting this mod to be fully compatible with the single-player story mode of GTA V. Once it is, these alterations and improvements could be enough to make another playthough of the game feel fresh.

You can download the current version of the GTA V RPG by going here.

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