Mind Control Racing Becomes A Reality [Sorta]



If you have ever been engaged in a heated racing battle and your car did not respond as you desired it to respond – of course you have because…everybody has – then you might appreciate the most recent announcement by Australian headset company Emotiv and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers [IEEE] that they have come up with a new racing game where you can control the cars with your thoughts. Now, if your thoughts send your car reeling off the curve, that’s another matter entirely.

The gaming setup which is being exhibited at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, is still in its infancy so it’s not merely a matter of strapping on the headset and directing a race car at will. You first have to train your brain to differentiate between its “neutral” state and racing state and then run through a series of repetitive-thought training exercises to allow the device to recognize your commands and it is this repetitive thought action which powers the car [albeit in a short straight line].

The Emotiv headset is called Insight and will be available for $499 in April 2015.


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