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Mario Kart Meets … Persona? Alrighty Then


It’s a running joke that when a video game maker has a license they’ve run out of ideas for and a yen to make shovelware, they poop out a kart racer. We’ve seen uninspired kart racers for everything from Skrek to Angry Birds.

But the Persona fan game, Persona 4: Racing All Afternoon seems to be made with love despite its oddball connection to the dark RPG series. The game by MaxieManGames takes assets from Persona 3 and 4 and reworks them for the Karting format. It’s heavily focused on Mario Kart-style vehicular combat, featuring pickups based on Persona magic attacks that you can use to slow down your enemies.

The game even has a story mode. You may have to turn the sound down unless you can stomach listening to characters say, “Persona” every few seconds, though. That gets really old.

Via Kotaku

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