How To Make A Custom Radio Station In GTA V


Now that Grand Theft Auto V is on PC, you’re no longer limited to the stock music tracks the in-game radio stations play. Here’s how to create a playlist of your own.

After the game is installed on your main hard drive, look for the Rockstar Games folder inside Documents. Inside is the GTA V folder and inside that will be another folder marked User Music. Then….just start putting MP3s inside. It’s that simple; no conversion needed.

Once you’ve loaded the game with all the music you want, go back out and start up GTA V. Go to the Settings menu in the game and under Audio you will find the options “Perform Quick Scan for Music” and “Perform Full Scan for Music.” Either of these should do the job. A new radio station will now be added to the game that’s composed of the tunes in your folder. You can even choose the order in which the songs play.

Now the possibilities are endless. Want the 80’s stations from Vice City to make a comeback? It’s as simple as dragging some Mr. Mister into there. Want to listen to podcasts while you drive around? Load ’em up. Go nuts!

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