Lowriders Update For GTA Online Now Has Trailer


Yesterday we reported a new update to GTA Online entitled “Lowriders” would be bringing the namesake cars to Los Santos, along with some new items and events. Today Rockstar followed that announcement with the update’s official trailer, narrated by Lamar. Check it out below….

Lowriders will add six lowrider cars and a new customs shop, Benny’s Original Motor Works. You’ll be able to fully customize the cars within the shop, add new engine covers and air filters, change the interior as velour, leather, or your own custom design. You can also change the steering wheel and the stick shift and put in bigger speakers and subwoofers, as well as add hydraulics to make your car lift in the air like a proper lowrider should. While online, you’ll be able to open up the car’s doors, hood and trunk to show it off to your friends, whether your character is driving it or standing outside. The update also includes new weapons in Ammu-Nation and more Lamar missions. You’ll also be allowed to buy a fourth property just to store all these new cars.

Keep this in mind, however: as of two months ago, Rockstar can no longer support the last-gen versions of GTA V (that means PS3 and XBox 360) with substantial updates. This means they ran out of memory on those consoles and can only make minor patches from this point. Only the PS4, XBox One and PC versions of GTA V will get this update.

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