Lost Saints Row Game Officially Released For Free


Those guys at Volition are nice fellas. First they show us a previously unknown Saints Row game for PSP that was cancelled awhile ago, and now they’re giving us the beta ROM for free.

Since Saints Row Underground was never completed, it’ll be full of bugs and glitches and will probably freeze on you a lot, but despite this, it’s a lost piece of gaming history that its developers agreed should be allowed to roam free. I think most of you would agree that this doesn’t happen often enough. We’d all love to get the chance to play StarFox 2, Starcraft: Ghost, and other vapor games that came close to completion yet were canned and locked away.

The ISO for Saints Row Undercover has been made available at Unseen64, the Net’s widest archive of unreleased game content and beta footage. You will need a modified PSP to run it, but such a thing isn’t hard because Sony no longer updates the firmware and you can just download a mod to your memory card.

And there’s more: Volition has also released a 122-page PDF presentation of the game’s proposed story, features and mechanics, plus a smaller walkthrough PDF. For those of you who missed their livestream of Saints Row Underground (through which the download link was first revealed), it should still be up here.

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