Longtime Grand Theft Auto Producer Leaves Rockstar Games


Leslie Benzies, as of today, no longer works for Rockstar.

Benzies joined the company in 1999, back when they were known as DMA Design and Grand Theft Auto was a little-known top-down game nobody paid any attention to. He became part of the team that not only jumpstarted the GTA series with GTA III but changed the course of the entire gaming industry, ultimately getting a horribly inaccurate BBC telefilm based on the production.

Leslie Benzies served as producer on every Grand Theft Auto beginning with #3, and was inducted into the Academy of Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame along with his co-workers Sam and Dan Houser in 2014. The hole he leaves behind will be filled by Aaron Garbut and Rob Nelson, who worked as art and animation directors on past Grand Theft Auto games.

[Source: Kotaku]

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