Leave Skidmarks in Heaven in New Trials Fusion DLC


When presented with a gorgeous pristine utopia, what’s a motorhead to do? Tear that stuff up with some dirtbike tricks, of course.

According to Ubisoft’s description Empire of the Sky, the second DLC pack for Trials Fusion, features utopia in the heavens that shelters the rich from the wasteland on the Earth below. The utopia a very clean, mechanical feel, although there’s a hint that it hides its own dirty secrets. That’s a lot more commentary about class and privilege than I expect in my motorcycle games.

The pack includes nine new tracks made up of single player tracks, a Supercross track, a skill game, and an FMX track. There are 18 new track challenges. Dozens of new objects in line with the floating island theme including anti-grav, force-fields, and floating platforms have been added to the track editor. There also five new Achievements or Trophies.

The DLC is out now on PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, or PC for $4.99. It’s one of of six DLCs planned for the game. You can snag them all with a season pass that costs $19.99.

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