LA Hotel Uses Photo Of Los Santos On Its Website


If you visit the website for Los Angeles’s Hotel Figueroa, you can check out a breathtaking view of the city…..wait, that’s not the city. Whoever designed their website grabbed a screenshot from Grand Theft Auto V instead — we’re looking at Los Santos! Har!

This shot of Los Santos was originally uploaded to the GTA Wikia, and appears to have been plucked by Google Image by someone who was fooled by the similarity.

What makes this especially interesting are the circumstances. During E3 and other gaming-related events, the Figueroa is a popular tourist stop because it sports video game art on its walls that week. In fact, Rockstar used the Figueroa to advertise GTA V before it came out. One would think if any business would know better than to make this kind of error, it’d be this one.

Could it even be an error? It’s possible the switch was made on purpose as a GTA V reference, but until the Figueroa responds to this viral discovery, we don’t know for sure.

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