Your Kinect Will Recognize Swears in Xbox One Saints Row IV


We’ve all probably sweared at Kinect a little, but that’s because it sometimes gets voice and other commands wrong. The Xbox One version of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected, the upgraded current-gen port of Saints Row IV, will actually make it useful in the game.

“We have the various taunts and things like that in Saints Row, so imagine the kinds of words that you could say that would help the player do taunts!” Volition’s Jim Boone told OXM. “Basically you have people standing there swearing at the TV, encouraging the player to do the various taunts.

“Or to maybe make the player lose all their clothes, or put them back on – lots of things like that. We’ve had lots of fun with voice commands that we feel like we can kinda get away with because it’s a Saints Row game.”

It’s all verbal, though. Volition hasn’t implemented any motion-sensing hip thrusting or special gestures for taunts, Boone said.

Saint’s Row IV: Re-Elected will be out Jan. 27. for the Xbox One and PS4 and will include the content from Saint’s Row IV plus a new expansion, Gat Out of Hell, which sees Johnny Gat take on Satan himself in a new infernal city.

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