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Just Cause 3 Is Having Some Graphical Issues On PC


It’s becoming routine these days: watch as a new AAA video game is released, wait a few hours, then start hearing about all the bugs. Just Cause 3’s release hasn’t been plagued with glitches quite as severe as several other titles have recently, but this is still cause for concern if you’re a PC gamer: some players are reporting issues with the framerate that seem to be related to video card drivers.

Those with high-end PCs and graphics chips are finding the game is running at 10fps or lower. The solution isn’t to simply update the drivers — the issue is stemming from the latest versions of those drivers, which I’m guessing were too new to be bug-tested prior to Just Cause 3’s release.

A representative from Square-Enix has responded to the complaints and acknowledged that “there are some known issues that occur with the most recent official release AMD/ATi graphics card drivers.” They are working on a patch, but until then, players with AMC graphics cards are being encouraged to download the latest beta driver, which is located here.

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