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JetX Blasting Toward Steam This March


What is JetX? No, it’s not a block of action cartoons on the Disney Channel targeting male viewers in the early 2000s — that was “Jetix.” JetX is an upcoming high-speed racer that’s on its way to the PC via Steam.

Originally created by the development team Singularity Lab for virtual reality platforms, JetX is being converted to 2D for use on more practical, non-goggle-based monitors. It’s not just a racer, it’s a shooter: you’ll be collecting weapons and blasting your opponents off the road — if they don’t blast you first. There’s a lot of variety to the gameplay in JetX, including Boss Fight, Endless Race and Defend the Core modes. There’s even an Arena Mode with an online scoreboard.

“Our main desire is to create the most immersive racing for VR, yet easy to play,” says Singularity Lab. If you need to try before you buy, they are working on a demo of the game, which hopefully will be ready by launch. JetX will be available on Steam starting in March.

JetX combines fluid controls with breakneck speeds to bring you a unique arcade racing and arena experience. Originally built for Virtual Reality, it is now as well available for PC. Compete with your friends or race against the bots as you fly, shoot, and boost your way to the first place. Step into Arena Mode and fight your way to the top of the scoreboard with a whole lot of devastating weapons, and potent power-ups. JetX is not only about arena battles and racing: boss fight, endless race and defend the core modes will be available in full version of the game on release!

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