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In F1 2019, You Can Now Play F2 2019


You may be familiar with F1 racing, but were you aware there was an F2? I mean, the presence of a 1 always suggested there could be a second F, but it was never a given….

Well, you can now play both. A new update from developer Codemasters has added this year’s F2 season to F1 2019. For the record, F2 is considered a lesser race than F1, and the general goal of F2 drivers is to graduate to F1 at some point. Paul Jeal, F1 Franchise Director at Codemasters, says “We were delighted to include F2 in F1 2019 this year, and the reaction to its inclusion has been fantastic. Not only are the cars great fun to drive, but the unique race weekend format of Formula 2, and the near equal cars makes for a perfect gaming combination.”

Codemasters has released two videos showing off the additions to F1 2019 and explaining the addition of F2. You now have the choice of playing between full F1 or F2 seasons if you wish.

This second video introduces you to the racers behind the wheel at F2 and features some actual F2 racers, as well as others who used to be F2 but have moved up to F1.

F1 2019 is available now for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC

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