‘I’m Not a Hipster’ Weekend Event Details


Get out your best vinyl, some cold Pabst Blue Ribbon, your glasses with fake lenses in them, and start growing out an ironic mustache, because you’ve got a lot of not being a hipster to do this weekend.

Rockstar released details of the Grand Theft Auto Online “I’m Not  Hipster” event that will be held this Friday through Sunday to celebrate the titular update. Looks like there will be a lot of swag too mainstream to care about.

First up, taking part in the weekend will unlock three exclusive, casual, vintage T-Shirts with your character. They all feature embarrassingly gauche corporate logos like Bitch’N Dog Food that no one would be caught dead in, that’s the point. One each will be handed out for logging in Friday through Sunday.

You’ll also get double GTA$ for playing in the official even playlists, and double RP for killstreaks and headshots, what Rockstar describes as aiming for the mustache. There are even more extreme GTA$ and RP bonuses in three new hipster-themed gang attacks, with triple RP for each enemy kill and quadruple GTA$ in the crates upon completion. If that’s not enough Rockstar will be tossing crates with tons of weapons and GTA$ from the sky with event crate drops.

Finally, there are two competitions. Snap your most insufferably not-hipster Snapmatic shot and win $1 million GTA$ and a special Hipster license plate. You can also get the same reward for creating the best hipster event themed job.

There’s also a contest to win real-life swag, like trucker hats and zippo lighters. More details about it and the weekend event can be found here.

And I think after this weekend the hipster, even laughing at the hipsters who protest they aren’t hipsters, is done. This ran it into the ground and buried it.

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