Ill-Gotten Gains Are Back In Style This Weekend


There’s a new event this weekend in GTA Online, but it isn’t centered around a new attraction. The content from the previously-released Ill-Gotten Gains update is all back on sale and dishing out double RP.

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Get said double RP by participating in GTA Online’s race playlists by air, land and sea. Or land, air and sea in that order.

  • Friday March 25 – Sunday March 27 – Street Races
  • Monday March 28 & Tuesday March 29 – Air Races
  • Wednesday March 30 & Thursday March 31 – Sea Races

You can save 25 percent off any of the cars introduced with the Ill-Gotten Gains update if you haven’t purchased them already: this includes the Coil Brawler, Progen T20, Invetero Coquette BlackFin and the Dinka Vindicator motorcycle, among others. Mods for the cars from Los Santos Customs are also 25 percent off.

Why not get a boat? This is the weekend. The Lampadati Toro speedboat is 25 percent off at the DockTease dealer. Also look for 50 percent off clothing and ammunition; The Knuckle Duster, The Pimp, and The Rock melee weapons can be purchased for half-price at Ammu-Nation. And by just doing nothing but logging on, you’ll get a free T-shirt promoting Los Santos’ hottest blockbuster movie, The Shoulder Of Orion II.

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