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How Many Hours Does It Take To Walk Across Just Cause 3’s World?


Just Cause 3 is a big game. Though it’s approximately just as large as Just Cause 2 was, there is more material packed into every inch than there was in JC2. If you didn’t use the grappling hook or hijacked a car or stole a helicopter, if you JUST WALKED the distance from one end of Medici to another….how long would it take?

YouTuber Conor performed this experiment on his channel recently. He’s walked across game worlds before, but it took him five hours to cross the worlds of the Grand Theft Auto games and Fallout 4 took him less than an hour. His analysis? It takes a pretty darn long time to get through JC3 on foot (especially since you can’t run). The walk is fast-forwarded in the video below, but the natural video size was eight hours and forty minutes.

That’s how long it takes to walk across the entire game area. Now be glad someone figured it out for you, and you don’t have to do it….

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