Hitman Will Ensure “Dark Humor” Displaces Violent Themes



Let’s be honest, with a game literally titled “Hitman”, you’re going to be killing a lot of people. Some intentionally, some possibly not. And that can make the game a bit dark, if not dark in full. What’s the solution? Humor! What else? Or at least that’s what IO Interactive stated in a demo at Gamescom.

“We take these realistic environments and we spice them up with what we’d say is the Hitman humour,” Hannes Seifert says. “We need that because you’re an assassin at the peak of his career; it’s a sinister job but with the humour it makes it very entertaining. It doesn’t make it so dark. That is something that I think is a trademark of what Hitman is.”

“We try to have this abstract, realistic style. I do not believe in full realism for a game like that; it would be too grim. Also, I think ethically speaking that would not be okay. It needs to be very apparent that this a game; a game that wants to entertain a mature audience. It’s not a game for children; we are very clear about that. Our players are, like 30-plus, right? We have lots of fans that have been with the series for a long time, and that is something we always need to take into account.”

What do you think of this? Do you agree that Hitman needs the humor to make it seem less “super violent”? Will it even matter in your mind?

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