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Here’s Why The New Need For Speed Requires The Internet


Requiring an Internet connection to play a game that comes from a very offline disc is an unpopular decision that alienates a good chunk of paying gamers. You’d think EA would have learned this lesson the first time, but thanks to the big ideas of developer Ghost Games, they’re at it again.

Why do we NEED a mandatory Internet for a racing game when the only use of online is usually for multiplayer? Ghost Games answered that question today. GamesRadar reported that they told XBox Magazine it’s because this reboot of the series will carry some new social media-like features. Your friends will be able to communicate with you, share photos with you and even participate in the single-player storyline with you. The entire game is designed to have all that going on. Hence the always-on requirement.

Ghost Games and EA’s steadfast commitment to keeping the Internet required in Need For Speed should last until around the time when their servers go down and everyone buying the game for the first time can’t turn it on. They’ll go to social media and badmouth the game along with millions of others. EA will have to respond and take back something, though it’s going to be harder than it was with SimCity if the online features are really that integrated.

Enjoy Need for Speed, but don’t enjoy it too much. When you dig it out of the closet in ten years and want to relive the memories, it’ll no longer work.

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