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Here’s What’s In The WRC 9 Deluxe Edition


The ninth installment of WRC is approaching this fall, but which version should you get? What’s in the Digital Deluxe Edition and is it something you’d be interested in? If only there was a webpage that could answer this question…hold that search, folks, it’s right below.

When WRC 9 comes out this September, it’ll be available in both regular and Deluxe flavors. The Deluxe edition includes the base game and a three-month subscription to WRC +, the streaming platform that broadcasts the actual WRC race the video game is based around. Readers with good memories may recall NACON and KT Racing offering a similar bonus last year.

The Digital Deluxe Edition also has 48 hours’ advance access to the game, and three DLC downloads ready to go:

  • A bonus car – the legendary Toyota Corolla WRC, the championship winning car in 1999, which has an impressive record of sealing a podium finish in 95% of the races it was involved in – a true icon in the hands of the most prestigious drivers!
  • A super special stage – the Barcelona Super Special Stage, one of the most technical of the season right in the heart of the city of Barcelona. With narrow roads and full of bends, it requires extreme concentration.
  • A head start – start WRC 9’s Career mode with more experienced staff to give the start to your professional driving career a boost.

If you don’t care about any of that, but you still want to preorder, you’ll still get something exclusive. All preorders will come with a bonus car, the Audo Quattro A2.

The Audi Quattro A2 is a legendary car from the 1980s and one of the most popular of its time. A double world champion in both the Drivers and Manufacturers categories in 1984, it was the undisputed star of Group B. Players who preorder WRC 9 will get the chance to take the wheel of this iconic car and relive some of its best WRC moments!

WRC 9 speeds toward Playstation 4, XBox One and PC September 3. A Switch release as well as PS5 and XBox Series X releases are planned for the future.

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