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Here’s How Gran Turismo Sport Can Make You A Real Racecar Driver


Last June we reported statements from the director of Gran Turismo Sport that suggested it was possible to earn a real racing license just from playing the game. We wondered at the time if he was being mistranslated or something. Today we have more information on what exactly is going on.

Turns out you really can become a professional racer through playing the game — just not at home, and (at the moment) not in this country. It’s most likely the director was referring to the Nissan Playstation GT Academy, a tournament that involves racing real cars. How do you qualify for the tournament? By playing Gran Turismo really well.

A pre-release version of GT Sport will be playable during the opening trials of the event, the latest of which is being held in Australia. The 20 best players will be selected to compete at the Australian National Final, taking place at Warner Bros Movie World. That competition is a mixture of GT Sport, physical endurance tests and actual racing.

Those who can emerge victorious from THAT tournament will move on to the 2016 GT Academy International Race Camp, held in England. The winner of the entire globe-spanning event will go on to the Nissan Driver Development Program, and possibly from there, possession of an International Race License.

So you can see, it is possible to become a real racecar driver by playing Gran Turismo Sport. It’s just only possible for one person.

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