GTA V Soundtrack Out Now On CD and Vinyl


First, that really does look like Lindsay Lohan on the cover right? Just sayin.’

Certain celebrities aside, this week Rockstar Games released “The Music of Grand Theft Auto V,” a limited edition collection of 59 tracks from the game including the original soundtrack.


The CD version includes a special poster and gold GTA V-branded USB stick for when you inevitably transfer those CDs to MP3s.

If buying CDs in 2014 isn’t hipster enough for you, there’s also an impressively stylish version in multi-colored vinyl. This fits the music on to six albums and include a booklet and lithograph.

The sets are limited to 5,000 copies worldwide, so you’ll probably have to look pretty hard for them or be willing to buy them on the secondary market.

Find out more about the set here.

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