GTA V PS4 and Xbox One Screens Bonanza


Rockstar has released a cornucopia of new screens for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto V.

The new shots feature the new version’s first person mode and also show off the increased foliage, wildlife, and traffic density that will come with your upgrade. We also see some GTA Online activities feature in the shots. We’ve featured some of the screens in a gallery below.

No PC shots are included in the new batch. Rockstar says those will be out later.

Rockstar also dropped a few more details about the upcoming game, mostly about GTA Online. These included:

• GTA Online will have 30 player matches in the new versions.

• The vehicles and weapons added to GTA Online so far will be available in the PS4, Xbox One and PC’s story mode at launch.

• 120 props will be added to the creator tools.

• A new character creator with more customization options is coming.

• First-person mode works in GTA Online.

• You can create first person or third person only matches if you want.

GTA V is coming to PS4 and Xbox One Nov. 18 and PC Jan. 27.

[Source: GameSpot]

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