GTA V On PC Will Be 7 Discs Long — What The What??


It’s true. A Reddit user obtained an early copy of the game and displayed this photo. GTA V is seven discs long. Granted, you will only have to use these discs once, unless you want to install GTA on another PC as well. But still, wowsers.

Here’s the big problem: Blu-Ray drives still aren’t standard in modern PCs. For a lot of users, picking up a physical release from the physical store means buying the game on the most common media around. This is not unlike the days when a PC game would come on about 15 floppies, when you had a CD drive you could have used instead. GTA V on PC is 65 GB in size and a dual-layer DVD holds a little over 8 GB of data.

Chances are good this problem doesn’t apply to you because you have a strong enough Internet connection that you can just buy the game on Steam and download it. Just be grateful you don’t live in a rural part of the country (or do you? It’s discs then).

In fact, if you’re going to download the game from Steam, you can start right now, despite GTA V not being scheduled for official release ’til the 14th. If you buy a copy today you can begin preloading it, so it’ll be all ready the moment the 14th rolls around, instead of waiting for the download to complete. Good deal!

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