GTA V Now Has Gordon Freeman


You may remember a month ago when Half-Life 2’s Gravity Gun was introduced into Grand Theft Auto V for PC, allowing anyone to throw around distant objects with impunity. Now the transformation can be completed. Thanks to the latest mod, the protagonist of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Gordon Freeman, is controllable in GTA V.

And we mean controllable in the correct manner: in first person mode, Freeman has his trademark crowbar. There are no headcrabs to deal with in Los Santos, but Freeman finds his own uses for his weaponry.

Once you give Gordon his gravity gun, the experience is something else. Watch below as he points at random cars and shoots them toward himself with physics-defying precision, then flings them into the horizon.

if you insist on playing in third-person, you can re-skin a controllable character (the space ranger, specifically) and turn him into Gordon by using this suit. You will need the model changer and the appearance changer to properly apply it. Unfortunately the mod includes no glasses, so the transformation isn’t perfect. But with the crowbar he’s nearly there.

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