GTA V: Now With Gravity Gun


The war between Rockstar and modders continues unabated. The development company vows to keep mods out of the game through patches, but the modders find ways to break those barriers and continue. Recently a patch went up that broke Script Hook V, the main tool modders use to monkey around, but Script Hook V itself has now been patched to become accessible again. And now the hackers have a gravity gun.

Originally made famous in Half-Life 2, the gravity gun is a massive pistol that allows its user to pick up, toss around and fling objects just by pointing at them and pulling the trigger. Perhaps too sci-fi for Grand Theft Auto’s world, but if there was any game that needed one, this would be it. The potential for chaos is off the scale, as evidenced in this video.

The only downside, if you can call it that, is that the gravity gun isn’t the exact gravity gun from Half-Life 2….it’s the stun gun modified to perform the gravity gun’s abilities. But who really cares? Whee!

If you have GTA V for PC, you can download and mess with the gravity gun by going here.

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