GTA V Breaks Steam User Records


Grand Theft Auto V officially became available on PC yesterday, and it’s already having an effect on sales numbers at Steam. According to the Steam and Game Stats Page, over 300,000 people are now playing the game on PC. That makes GTA V the third most played game on the digital distribution platform after just two days, and the number will likely rise.

The previous record for most players at a time on Steam was held by Skyrim, which had at most 280,000 players at once. But that was broken a while ago, and not by GTA. Steam’s most popular game at the moment is DOTA 2 which holds the all-time record of a million players signed in at the same time. Today it hit the mark of 777,010 players. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came in second with 432,298. (Skyrim had 27,000 and came in at number eight on the list.)

Grand Theft Auto V is now purchasable at Steam (and in physical form on seven DVDs) for $59.99.

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