GTA Mod Creates Guns That Fire Cars


It would seem like the ultimate statement of ‘Murica: a gun that fires cars. Now you can live the dream. In a game, anyway.

floCraftMods has created the Car Cannon mod for GTA V on PC that does just that. Once the mod is applied, any bullet fired in the game will spawn as a moving car instead. By using the machine gun, you can create an endless spray of cars and cause even more mayhem in Los Santos than you could with the Gravity Gun from yesterday.

If you use a one-round gun, like the sniper rifle, you will only fire one car at a time, but there’s something to be said for hiding in the shadows, focusing your crosshairs on someone, and then firing a Chevy at their face. That should be a full retail game on its own.

Want to see it in action? Here are two Car Cannon videos displaying the new weaponry in all its glory.

Get your car cannon today here, before Obama takes them away from you!

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